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Here you will find a list of some of the most commonly asked questions. If your question is not among them, just contact us using the Contact Form.

"We are planning a wedding and need a music selection that appeals to people of all ages. Can you do that?"

No problem. We can supply a vast amount of songs that grandchildren and grandparents will both know. Playing music from the 1950's up to modern day, we are confident there will be something to please everyone.



"What kinds of events do you play at?"

We play sorts of events. Listing a few....birthday parties, weddings, christennings, corporate events, anniversaries, balls, general get togethers, festivals, pubs, bars and clubs.



"What kind of equipment do you provide? Do we have to provide anything else?"

The Smarties are a fully self-contained band. We bring everything we need to provide you with a great night with us. The band's sound system is large enough, for example, to fill a very large hall with ease, modern LED stage lighting and effect lighting to give the dancefloor a great atmosphere, and addition effects like a smoke machine to add to the ambience.

All we need, is electricity .... and a pint at the bar ;)



"It's not on your set list, but can you play..."

If you have a particular song that you would like us to play, we may be able to learn it prior to your event. All we do ask is that you give us plenty of notice as we are very busy and, of course, want to get the song spot on.



"Our guests are arriving at 7.30pm, can you start playing at 7.30pm?

We have played at a number of events and it's very rare for them to run on time. We find that when guests arrive (some, fashionably late) they want to mingle, chat and have a few drinks first. A band would be wasted to be playing during this time. Normally, the best time for a live band to start playing is about 9-9.30pm. That is our advice, but we would cater for your exact needs.



"I've got a mate who's a great singer, can they get up and sing a song with you?"

Unfortunately not, our insurance does not cover our equipment under any other persons. So unless your mate is Ricky Wilson, Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl, Pete Shelley (which let's face it, is unlikely), Kelly Jones, Mick Jagger, Ed Tudor or any other artist from the songs we play, then im afraid its a no. Same rule applies for all instruments and equipment.



"How much space do you need to setup in and what do you require?"

We will require a minimum area of 4m wide by 3m deep. This will give us the space to setup the lighting rig and setup the speakers either side at the front along with the sound desk. If the space is bigger than this then great, it gives us more room to jump around in. We also require a minimum of 2 x double 13 amp sockets near to the stage area so that we can seperate the power loading evenly.

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