The Smarties, a very popular band from the Leicestershire / Northamptonshire area, formed sometime in 2010 and have performed all over the UK for various events including corporate, weddings, birthdays, pubs, clubs, headlining and openning festivals and many more..

The band, playing a wide range of songs across the decades, cover a number of genres including rock, blues, indie and pop, all with a special 'Smartie' twist.


They consist of:


Lewis Hubbard

Lead guitar and vocals. Playing solos with his teeth and rocking all over the stage in a very Brian May manner. Has worked in the music game for many years in several bands from different backgrounds.


Dan Pelos

Bass, Vocals and the DJ. Throwing his guitar around his neck and dancing on tables, Dan adds a vital showman ship role to the band. He has worked as a session musician for years playing with Stereiosonics, Oasish and many more.


Aidan Shepherd

Drums. With his 'Animal' like impressions on the pots and pans, Aidan has worked as a session musician for years and also tutors drum creativity.


Each member works on thier own projects, and with thier dynamic past, form a superb foundation for creating a unique sound. Together they are known for their lively, energy driven on-stage presence. Their interaction with the audience creates a great atmosphere to any sized crowd and will be sure to get you all singing and dancing from the first song.

For further information on The Smarties, please contact us via the website, on our Facebook page, or phone Dan on 07793679681.

The Smarties xx

"This was a wicked night.You guys were awesome"

Kayleigh Fagan


"Had the best time in Isle of Wight, you guyswere amazing"

Kim Lawson


"Great Music Guys....You Rocked"

Andrew West


"Great performance lads! Proper got the crowd going!"

Eros Velluci 

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